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Project Description
A set of helpers and extension methods for the AsterNET FastAGI framework to allow easier access to common ExecCommands.

Work In Progress
This project is very much a rough work in progress, and in no way intended as yet to be used in production of any sort.

How to use
Use the "Asterisk.NET.Extensions.FastAGI.AGIScript.AGIScript" class to allow direct access to the extended methods, alternatively, you can simply call each Helper as required. (See Helpers namespace).

public class myagiscript : Asterisk.NET.Extensions.FastAGI.AGIScript.AGIScript
        public override void Service(Asterisk.NET.FastAGI.AGIRequest request, Asterisk.NET.FastAGI.AGIChannel channel)

            // Using Dial from extended agi class
            var rtn = Dial("peer", 30);


            // Originate to peer in context default, extension 1234 and prio 1
            Originate("SIP/peer", OriginateType.Exten, "default", "1234", "1");


Currently I am looking for suggestions on ways this can be: -
  • Improved
  • Other ways the helpers can be implemented
  • Considerations for other helper commands
  • Contributions from the community

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